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Highlights of USSSA Rules of Play:

  • Coin flip to determine home or visiting team
  • Time limits may be used and enforced
  • Teams may bat 9, 10, or complete rosters (determined before start of game)
  • Players in the starting line-up may re-enter 1 time (in their starting spot in the line-up)
  • Non-starters are not allowed to re-enter
  • May run for pitcher/catcher at any time when on base (use only bench players)
  • Issuance of intentional walk without throwing pitches. (pitcher or catcher may ask)
  • A pitcher removed as the pitcher may NOT return as a pitcher
  • Run rule (mercy) will apply.  Know the run rule for each particular game.
  • 2nd visit to the pitcher in the same inning must remove pitcher.
  • Manager/coach is prohibited from making 2nd trip while same batter is at bat.
  • If a pinch hitter is inserted for the batter, the manager/coach may make a 2nd trip but must remove the pitcher.

     FOR COMPLETE USSSA PLAYING RULES, Download Pages 6,7,8,9 &10.

     USSSA Rule Book Here

USABF Playing Rules:

(OBR) Official baseball rules shall apply with the following modifications.


  • 8 players are required to start a game.
  • Only managers or acting managers may question umpires about rulings.
  • Coin flip will determine home team.  A team with 8 players will be designated as the visiting team.
  • After pool play, higher seed is designated as the home team.
  • Adult base coaches are not required but are encouraged to wear batting helmets.
  • Players base coaching are required to wear batting helmets.
  • Each team must provide 2 new game balls to start the game.
  • Every effort must be made to start the game on time because of the multiple games scheduled.
  • Starters may re-enter ONCE.
  • DH for any player; The DH is a starter; if entered as a defensive player, the DH is terminated.
  • Collision Rule: Player must slide or avoid.
                                    Catcher must be in possession of the ball in order to block the plate.
  • Intentional walk: Time shall be called a batter awarded 1st base.
                                        No pitches are required. (speed-up rule)
  • Courtesy runner may run for pitcher and/or catcher at any time.
          Must use a bench player if available.
  • Otherwise, last out will be courtesy runner.
  • Time Limits: No new inning after 2 hours and 8 run rule after 4 1/2 or 5 innings.
  • Tie games O.K. in pool play but no time limit applies in finals and Championship game.
  • Game time commences at FIRST PITCH.  
  • Elimination Bracket: No time limit, but run rule applies, Play until you have a WINNER.
  • Plate umpire will keep accurate scoring and report score at the end of the game.


  In the event of any confusion, conflict or disagreement about rules and regulations, the USABF rules committee will make a ruling that is final and binding.


  SDCBUA  Members;  Go to the USABF website and print a complete copy of  the playing rules.

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